10 simple ways to love the Earth

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Sustainability, Writing | 0 comments

10 simple ways to love the Earth

In honor of Earth Day, Yoffie Life asked me to collaborate on a post about how each of us can act to protect the earth.  I encourage you to read the slideshow and choose a tip (or two, or ten) to help the environment.

In addition, I also encourage you to use this day (and every day!) to reflect on what it means to be alive, to carry the gift of life, and to support life on this planet. Start a conversation about what conservation, environmentalism, and sustainability means to you. Get curious with friends, colleagues, family, passers-by about their insights and stories. Come up with your own unique challenge that supports both you and the earth in reciprocal relationship (and share with me in the comments below)!

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