Client Kudos

Seriously, every time I talk to you, you help me grow by just listening. I can share all my thoughts and decisions, and remind myself though hearing why some decisions were taken, and how strongly I’m working towards my goals. Thank you!  Thank you for always being there to listen, have a good laugh, and shift my energies/moods to positive again!  ~Dany, Coaching Client


Lisa has contributed significant value to Matrixworks through her applied leadership project this year.  Her creation of the Earth Stewardship class is a great addition to the classes we offer.  She did an excellent job and the work was well received.  Lisa embodies the core value of Matrixworks as expressed in this phrase:’Relationship is all there is’.  Her work with us has reflected this understanding and MatrixWorks is better because of our relationship with her.  We hope to be able to continue our working connection.  ~MatrixWorks, Consulting Client


Lisa, I want to let you know how grateful I am for the experience this past weekend. Personally it was fantastic to meet people, to share, and to receive genuine support and wisdom. What we learned and experienced led to major breakthroughs. I am definitely feeling the power of [this Earth Stewardship course]. Thank you again for creating that space which has contributed to this new depth within my cohort. It was truly beautiful to see the power of intentional curiosity.  ~Earth Stewardship Participant


Earth Stewardship gave me the confidence and insight to get through group process calmly and authentically…The discussion questions you asked cut to the heart of what’s going on. It was nice to bypass the typical “So what music do you listen to” type of questions. Everything felt safe and organic and flowed naturally. I consider that proof of all the hard work you must have put into this, especially with our radical shift in schedule, and also that sense of genuine being that everyone was bringing into the space.  It’s only been a few days since, but I feel there’s been a subtle yet profound shift in myself. I’ll find out more of what that looks like over time, but I feel like a more embodied leader.  ~Earth Stewardship Participant


Lisa creatively delivers clients needs in embodiment, teaching, and writing. She has a peaceful presence and a way of connecting with people. She is always positive and enjoyable to be around…Lisa demonstrates character, confidence, integrity and grace. She holds to high standards, is dedicated to meeting her goals, and is not afraid to greet challenges. Eager and earnest, Lisa can thrive in any environment with strength and gentleness.  ~Danielle, Consulting Client


This one class inspired me to open a space of authenticity, healing, and understanding in the group I’m working with.  ~Earth Stewardship Participant