“Go straight into the heart of danger, for there you will find safety” ~Ancient Chinese Proverb


My mission is to guide people back into balanced relationship with the earth, connection with their life’s purpose, and connestion with their authentic self.

My Story: I became inspired to learn about wellness while teaching skiing in the Colorado mountains where I felt a total integration of body and spirit in nature. I later returned to my native Ohio to engage the mind. Working as a writer and content strategist for the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, I learned about the interconnectedness of our thoughts, movements, eating and lifestyle patterns. I also learned how so many of these choices contribute to either states of disease, or states of thriving. While there, I wrote health and wellness articles and blog posts, upheld an editorial web presence, contributed to online sales, and social media initiatives. After years of engaging with scientific research and medical experts, I realized that I was missing something in the walls of corporate culture, and returned to my beloved sunny Boulder to incorporate the marriage of mind, body, and spirit. Today, while maintaining relationships remotely with the folks back home, I am working towards my Master’s degree in Environmental Leadership, a program with emphasis on transforming systems, coaching, mediation and inner work, group genius facilitation, holding multiple perspectives, leadership skills, sustainability and earth and cultural science.

IMG_8313I enjoy personal lifestyle guidance, and helping social profits (especially wellness and environmental) find their voice and brand in speaking to their audience through content. I believe that our lifestyle choices directly affect the way we feel, think, and move, that we have the power to choose, and that focused intentions and mindful actions create the trail to positive change in our lives.

I’ve worked with hospitals, health entrepreneurs, and healers.  Doctors, osteopaths, and naturopaths.  Nonprofits, startups, and corporations.  I believe in a diverse world and for each individual a distinct function and way of being.  I know what it is like to feel out of balance, and the work it takes to re-create balance in life, relationships, and work.    I am deeply committed to building a world that works for all, and I understand the obstacles along the long road to get there.  If we begin to cultivate the world we envision inside of ourselves, we begin to attract others who can help us grow and make that dream a reality.