Why can’t science and spirituality just get along?

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Why can’t science and spirituality just get along?

Science and spirituality have long struggled to find common ground.  Nevertheless, a common language exists between these powerful fields that may unlock a means for peace and connective understanding.  This key is called by many names, but its essence is constant.  It is the balance of energy.

There is a form that unites the whole universe.  Christianity calls it the trinity.  Chemistry calls it protons, neutrons and electrons.  Living systems display it as destruction, creation, and relationship.  Physics calls it matter, motion and energy.  Judaism calls it The Blessed One, Torah and Israel.  Buddhism calls it the Buddha, the Sangha (community) and the Dharma (teachings).  Hinduism calls it Karma, Dharma, and the path (Yoga).  In Chinese philosophy it is described as Yin, Yang, and interconnection.  Human nature is about being, doing and relating.  Physical space is defined by the three directions of north/south, east/west, up/down.  The body and spirit move as inhale, (expand), exhale (contract) the spaces between (pause).  See a pattern emerging?  The strongest shape in the universe, the triangle, forms the foundational design among all fields.  These are different names to describe similar energies.  All of nature follows this pattern.

Energy is everything.  It moves cells…fires synapses…holds the universe in order…keeps you alive…ignites love…creates chaos…moves your body…feeds the earth, plants and people.  Energy is the essence of what science measures, and of what wisdom traditions innately understand.  Consider the solution to be less about the language we use, and more about the balance of energy.

There are many ways to sustain a sense of balance in a world of duality.

We are a world out of balance.  The natural world, the political world, the human world are all struggling to find harmony.  But none can exist without the other.  Winning dominance means losing balance.  Neither science nor spirituality can claim all of reality.  One is quite Yang and one is more Yin.  But if the two were to open up to each other, balance, and therefore, peace, could follow.

Perhaps we can shift our focus from science and spirituality being opponents of creation, towards Adam and Atom being partners of creation!  Light is the spiritual energy that we worship, and light is the physical energy that we study in order to understand how the universe works.  In duality, we are the barriers to global and personal harmony.  In balance, we are the creators of a world that works for all.  We can better understand ourselves by opening up to the other.  Enter the new power trio: science, spirituality, and relationship.

Energy offers a bridge.  Energy is everything.  Everything is energy.  



Endnote: I uphold the Kabbalic principle that states: “No coercion in spirituality,” and, I would add, no coercion in science.  Of the many institutions that abuse spiritual power, I would say, don’t give energy to something that makes you uncomfortable; give your energy to the world you want to create.

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